Half a dozen facts about the grey tabby cat

Grey Tabby Cat Licking Foot

Here are 6 facts about the grey tabby cat… Spelling I am dictating this. The software spells “grey” rather than “gray”. That tells you that I’m in the UK although I nearly always write about American cats! That is because the best stories about domestic cats come from America and there are more domestic …

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20,000 posters, 200 miles walked, 400 miles driven, 16 pounds lost in effort to find lost cat

Moloko missing cat poster

UPDATE: Today, Friday 15th Feb 2019, I have received an wonderful text message from Alison High. She has her cat back!! Wow. “Hi Michael. This is Alison High. Just to let you know I have got Moloko back. Somebody saw the newspaper article and recognised her. They called me and I went to their …

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What is a patched tabby?

Torbie cat

People search Google for a response to the question: ‘What is a patched tabby?’. The answer is that a patched tabby is a two-toned tabby. Alternative names are, ‘tortoiseshell tabby’ or ‘torbie’ (a mix of the words ‘tortoiseshell’ and ‘tabby’). So a patched tabby is a torbie. Click on the link below if you’d …

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Brown Classic Torbie Siberian Cat

This is ‘Gemma’ photographed by Helmi Flick. The photos have the Helmi stamp all over them. You can recognise a Helmi Flick photo very easily. Below the photographs I add some words; the source of the information is the Pendraig Siberians cattery. Gemma is a classic torbie Siberian cat. Her full name is: Forestwind …

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Difference between Torbie and Tortie

‘Tortie’ is short for tortoiseshell. ‘Torbie’ is a made up word which joins together ‘tortie’ and ‘tabby’ (the second ‘t’ becomes a ‘b’). It describes a cat coat which is tortoiseshell with tabby fur mixed in. There is an endless spectrum of combinations, some very subtle. It can be tricky deciding if a cat …

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World’s most extraordinary cat coat pattern?

I believe that Zoe has perhaps the most outstanding cat coat pattern I have ever seen and I have seen tens of thousands. I believe Zoe is a torbie which means tortoiseshell with a tabby pattern mixed in. You can see a faint “M” on the forehead. I know the flashlight has lightened the …

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