Is the Toyger a real breed?


Yes, the Toyger is a real cat breed and a fairly modern one. The underlying goal of the breeders was to create a purebred cat that looks like a miniature or toy tiger. I think it’s in line with some early ideas about some cat breeds when breeders first introduced the wild cat hybrids …

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Toyger Infographic

Tiger versus Toyger

Here is a compact Toyger infographic. The word ‘Toyger’ can only mean the artificially bred and created ‘toy tiger’ purebred domestic cat from America. The creation of Judy Sugden (the daughter of the founder of the Bengal cat, Jean Mill, incidentally). I think she thought that she could create a perfect miniature copy of …

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Pictures of cats: Toyger versus Tiger and Maine Coon versus Lion

Lion versus Maine Coon

Cat breeders have been more successful in matching a domestic cat to the lion than to the tiger. The Toyger (toy tiger) is a designer cat breed. The reason for its existence is to match the tiger in appearance. To bring the tiger into the home in miniature but safer! The Maine Coon was …

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What is the cat that looks like a tiger?

"Buck" a Toyger cat

To to more precise, the question means what domestic cat looks like a tiger and the answer to the question is the Toyger. This is a selectively bred, artificially created purebred cat with the intention of having the appearance of a tiger. The breed was developed by refining and clarifying the mackerel tabby pattern …

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Toyger Takes Off in Popularity

The Toyger is a “Frankencat”, so said an American television presenter. He was being impolite. He was referring to hybrid cats. The Toyger is a hybrid cat. Hybrid cats are nearly always man or woman-made; a human creation. When hybrid cats are also domestic cats they are sometimes referred to as “exotic cats”. They …

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Toyger Cat Facts for Kids

The Toyger is a rare breed of cat that has been deliberately created to look like a miniature tiger. The name brings together “toy” and “tiger” which means a miniature, domestic tiger look-a-like, designed for the home. It was created in America. History Domestic tabby cats with stripes are called “mackerel tabbies”. An American …

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