Putin’s PR stunt with a Siberian tiger caused the tiger’s death

Putin fits a tracker to the over tranquillised Siberian tiger that died when returned to a zoo

We know that Putin is obsessed with looking like a macho man. It is part of his attempts to look like a strong, imperialist leader. And he has taken many opportunities to polish this image such as riding horseback topless and playing with big cats. He’s said to be an animal lover but is …

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Lux, The Cat Labelled “Violent” Taken to Oregon Shelter

The so called “violent” cat, Lux, who held his family hostage on March 9, has been turned in to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter (MCAS). KGW Channel 8 News out of Portland broke the news March 17. I report this to the PoC family with great sadness today. This situation has created mass hysteria …

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