Successfully taking 3 purebred cats from America to various cities in Europe on holiday with you

Three posh cats and their caregiver visit Amsterdam

You might have heard of them: the Nguyens. They live in America and they have three purebred cats, two British Shorthairs and a Scottish Fold. They are quite a sight when travelling, I think you will agree. Their names are Sponge Cake, Mocha and Donut. Looking at the picture above, I am more concerned …

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Woman and her two cats explore America in their mobile home

This mobile home looks comfy for two cats who travel America with their owner

This is an alternative way to live. It will appeal to many. You could say that it is the ultimate form of environmental enrichment for a domestic cat provided they are kept safe which appears to be the case. I love it and a lot of other people do as well because Quin Gable …

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Be aware of Brucella canis a new zoonosis in the UK

Brucella canis imported from Belarus in a rescue dog and the disease is spreading in the UK including to people because the disease is a zoonosis

This is flagging up a zoonotic disease called Brucella canis in the UK. It affects dogs – but can it affect cats? – and it appears to have originated from rescue dogs imported from Eastern Europe into the UK. It is a bacterial infection and it is serious. Because it is zoonotic it can …

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In the UK you could be fined £5,000 if your cat or dog is unrestrained inside your vehicle

Rule 57 of the Highway Code in the UK states that cats and dogs must be restrained inside a moving vehicle.

In the UK, a cat or dog needs to be restrained inside the car when it is being driven under rule 57 of the Highway Code. I bet you didn’t know that! I didn’t. Knowing the rule possibly doesn’t make a great deal of difference to me or you because you probably almost automatically …

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Infographic on 4 travel situations when you might check for a cat

4 situations when travelling when you might check for a cat!

I can think of four (but there will be more) situations if travelling when it might be prudent to take a little bit of time to check that your cat is about and not trapped and about to be transported away. All four situations described and illustrated in the infographic have occurred and some …

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