Extraordinary picture of cat with 4 artificial legs, no ears and half a tail

Russian cat with four false legs

Novokuznetsk, Russia – news/opinion story: In freezing conditions, Dymka, a cat who actually looks like a blue British Shorthair but is probably a random bred cat, lost her legs, ear flaps and a good part of her tail to frostbite. It must have been hell. Parts of these appendages were left but they built …

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‘River’s heartbreaking story reminds us why it’s so important to call the city when stray animals are seen in freezing temperatures’

This is the happy ending story of River, a black cat found injured and “clinging to life” in the middle of the Rideau River. Thankfully, firefighters were able to rescue him and get him emergency veterinary treatment.

NC kitten rescue: This procedure was used to successfully ‘thaw out’ frostbitten stray kitty

This is the story of Nativity Grace, a kitten abandoned in a store parking lot in 10-degree Fahrenheit temperature. I realize this is a long article, but PLEASE take the time to read how Marleen Jenkins and Janelle Scere handled their first non-shelter rescue of 2018. Both are ‘cat champions’ at Cabarrus County Animal …

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Feline Hypothermia and Frostbite

The winter has been brutal in Midwestern United States, I am told by the newspapers online. The subzero temperatures are far lower than any that we experience here in the UK. Midwestern United States is an area which is towards the top and the middle of the US. The region consists of 12 states. …

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