Cat Hairballs: information and thoughts

Feline vomiting a hairball?

The stomach of cats is designed to accept hair. It has to be as a lot of hair is ingested during grooming. Sometimes too much for longhaired cats. Medical – mainly a longhaired cat problem Longhaired cats accumulate hair in the stomach as hairballs. They can be regurgitated rather than passing through the digestive …

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April 25 is Hairball Awareness Day: Let’s Unravel the Hairball Mystery

Did you know that today is Hairball Awareness Day? This year, on Friday, April 25, cat lovers around the world will celebrate this annual event. While some folks may think that setting aside a special day devoted to hairballs (otherwise known more scientifically as trichobezoars) is amusing, there is nothing funny about hairballs. If …

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