Idaho wildlife officer shot a family of baboons to impress his wife

baboons shot

Blake Fischer is a Fish and Game Commissioner in Idaho. There are six other commissioners. He is an avid sport hunter. While on holiday in Namibia, Africa, Blake Fischer had someone photograph him with an entire family of baboons which he had just shot to impress his wife. He used a bow and arrow. …

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Prince William backs trophy hunting according to Botswana’s president

Prince William and President Masisi

It’s disappointing. Prince William aka the Duke of Cambridge supports the return of elephant hunting in Botswana. He believes that it will help with conservation. Trophy hunting does not contribute to wild species conservation. It is a mistake to think that it does and I am surprised and disappointed that William backs it or …

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Panthera, a big cat conservation charity, corrupted by $750,000 partnership with Randgold

The chief executive of Randgold Resources, Mark Bristow, is a trophy hunter. He likes to shoot African lions and leopards and any other iconic animal that he can get permission to shoot by paying large sums of money. He is also an advisor to a leading big cat conservation charity, Panthera. This looks like …

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Jared Whitworth Vice President of Whitworth Tool Inc. shot Kruger Lion

Jared Whitworth lion killer

A rich American sport hunter travelled to Africa to shoot the most glamorous lion he could find. He used people in Africa to organise things and make it happen. He did not mind if the rules were bent and he had plenty of money to get his way – it allegedly cost $80,000. He …

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Trump administration promotes trophy hunting in Africa including lions

Cecil the Lion savages Palmer in Halloween Costume

It’s unsurprising but Trump has done something terribly wrong. He has undone the work of former president Obama in restricting the importation of hunting trophies from Africa. Quietly the US Fish and Wildlife Service have lifted a ban on the importation of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia and they have also published new …

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