Some cruel UAE Muslim kids ignore Prophet Muhammad’s wishes to cherish cats

UAE Nurse showing a cat being shot with airgun. Courtesy of Fawaz Kanaan.

NEWS AND COMMENT – UAE: There is a tweet on the internet that has no comments and no shares. It is almost invisible. But it tells a profound story of the ignorance of some UAE Muslims who are blatantly going against the wishes of their Prophet, the founder of the Muslim faith, the Prophet …

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Fines for tenants in luxury Dubai development if they feed stray cats

ANALYSIS: Dubai is in the UAE. There is a very beautiful and very large luxury development in Dubai which, as I understand it, has been built by Emmar and is managed by Emirates Living. It is luxury living for expats and other international purchasers. The development has everything that a resident needs. But the …

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Dubai cat rescuer says that stray overpopulation is due to ignorance

Samah El Manzalawy and tabby cat

Samah El Manzalawy loves animals. She was born in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She lives in Dubai. She rescues cats. She has looked after more than 200 strays and has rescued more than 300 cats. At any one time she has had 12 foster cats in her care. The number of abandoned animals …

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Emirati Man Who Tortured a Cat is Punished in Accordance with Tenets of Islam Faith

Cat cruelty Dubai

You may have seen the story of the Emirati1 man in Dubai who uploaded a gruesome video showing a cat being fed to his hungry dogs. In the most arrogant and callous manner the man was filmed encouraging his two dogs to attack and kill the cat who was pulled from a cage. The …

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Private ownership of exotic cats banned in United Arab Emirates

This change in the law is very welcome and necessary. The ban covers the private ownership of exotic animals and potentially dangerous animals. Quite frankly it is about time. I am tired of seeing wealthy Arabs in expensive cars cruising down the high street with a cheetah or other large but ‘tamed’ wild cat …

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