Cat breeders can turn the most handsome breeds into gargoyles

Gargoyle-like Persian cat

I have just written an article about a hefty Maine Coon who was bred to extreme with a hint of gargoyle by their creator. Not God but a Maine Coon breeder. I’ve mentioned God because gargoyles are attached to the outside of large and imposing cathedrals to ward off evil spirits and make the …

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Pictures of Ugly Cats

Picture of an ugly cat

Here are seven pictures of ugly cats and it is very sad. It is not fun or even interesting. I am publishing them here for a serious reason but I don’t expect anyone to agree with my philosophical argument. They are all products of human intervention. Breeding failures. We don’t hear about the kittens …

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When Does An Ugly Cat Become Attractive?

The abc News journalist, Stephanie Tuder wrote an article entitled: Meet Zeb, the Adorable Ugly One-eyed, Four-toothed Senior Cat. In the title she hints that ugly can also be adorable and it can. We know it, but why? Ugly-pretty does happen. Elisa wrote a couple of articles about Zeb which I reckon Stephanie picked …

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World’s Ugliest Cat?

“Ugs” – the world’s ugliest cat? No. There is no such cat. Do you think this is the world’s ugliest cat? That is what they say. I don’t. Does that make me the world’s strangest person? I don’t think there is such a thing as an ugly cat. What some people might see as …

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