Living with companion animals has not worked out and it needs to be re-evaluated

Cat and dog domestication has not worked out as planned

Some people think that it is time to give up our cats and dogs as it is unethical and their domestication not worked out well. It’s time to end it. This would apply to other animals as well. It’s a whopping suggestion. It’s probably entirely impractical seeing as there are probably up to 500 …

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Pilot saves the lives of 16,000 cats and dogs

Dr Rork and dog in cockpit

Dr Peter Rork has saved the lives of 16,000 dogs and cats by flying them to shelters where they can be more successfully adopted and away from those shelters where they are more likely to be unwanted. It’s about redistributing dogs across America to places where they are in more demand. A great service …

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Mississippi transports away to the north-east irresponsible pet ownership

Three unwanted cats from the south ending up north

Annually, Mississippi exports, by transporting them away, hundreds of unwanted cats and dogs to the north-east were there is a higher demand because of low supply. There is a low supply in the north-east because the area has a more enlightened approach to pet ownership. If a state like Mississippi transports to the north-east …

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