Natural Treatment for Cat Urinary Tract Infections

“Natural treatment” normally means homeopathic medicines, which I list below. It should also include common sense ways to prevent feline urinary tract infections (UTIs) occurring. Preventative action can also be a form of treatment if applied after the cat has the infection. This post is not a substitute for a veterinary diagnosis and treatment. …

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My cat jumps into the litter box but pees outside. Help!

This is an “inappropriate elimination” cat behavior problem with several possible reasons. The situation is as follows: The cat jumps into the litter but regularly pees outside the litter tray. I have made the presumption that he pops into the litter tray and then jumps out and pees somewhere else. Or he just pees …

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Feline Urinary Tract Infection | Natural Cure

There is a commonsense and natural way to deal with feline urinary tract infections and inflammations. I was prompted to write this because my recent post set out the ten most common cat illnesses. The number one slot is occupied by urinary tract infections (UTIs). I also have first hand experience of caring for …

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