A cat mouser in A.D. 1000 in Wales was worth about £13 in today’s money

Howel the Good and 'The Hywel Law Book' or ‘Cyfraith Hywel'.

The Prince of Wales in the year 936 was Howel the Good – Hywel Dda – and he made himself famous in cat history by introducing special laws to protect domestic cats. It seems to me that he is the only leader to have valued kittens and cats in a very precise way which …

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The value of domestic cats has dramatically decreased since the 10th century

Anglo Saxon Britain

“The dramatic decrease in value of domestic cats over a 1000 years feeds cat abuse” – Michael Several statutes (laws made by government) specifically mentioned domestic cats showing how valuable they were for their mice catching skills. One Welsh statute of the tenth century stated: “The price of a cat is fourpence. Her qualities …

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Indian citizens would prefer to save the life of a domestic cat over a human in a runaway car

Screenshot from Moral Machine

The result is interesting. Massachusetts Institute of Technology are running a test called the Moral Machine. They’re doing this because with the onset of artificial intelligence computers will have to make ethical decisions about saving lives in respect of driverless cars. It may well apply to many other scenarios as well. You can visit …

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