Three sibling kittens cuddled up on a public bench wait to be rescued

This is very strange. Rare I’d say. I have never seen it before. This is a bench in a public place, next to a sidewalk (pavement). How did they get there? One thought comes to my tired, cynical mind. The owner put them there. She/he abandoned them. They curled up together to stay warm. …

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Road traffic stopped in deference to magnificent, sauntering tiger

Traffic stops on main road in Maharashtra to let tiger cross

The manual traffic lights signal green for Bengal tiger to cross the main road. The tweet by Parveen Kaswan, a wildlife officer in India, explains it all. It is a very nice video of a magnificent tiger crossing the main road in what is believed to be Maharashtra. An official at opposite sides of …

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How fast can you tie your laces? What we are taught sticks.

What we are taught counts

How fast can you tie your laces? Stupid question, yes? Perhaps not. We are taught how to tie laces when we are kids. There are many different ways of doing it. I think the way I was taught is a good one. A good friend of mine has a slower method; no blame on …

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Latest American alleged mass murderer, Salvador Ramos, wanted the same fame as kitten-killer Luka Magnotta

Don't F**k with Cats docuseries poster

Luka Magnotta is notorious for killing two kittens by suffocation and uploading the video to the Internet. You can see that video on this website. He went on to kill a Chinese international student Jun Lin. A Netflix TV series was made about the online manhunt to find Magnotta, called: Don’t F**k with Cats: …

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Great videos of a veterinarian being patient with patients to gain their trust

Vet takes time to gain his patients' trust

Dr. Thomas Hamilton has become a celebrity vet because he does something which few other veterinarians do. He takes more than the usual amount of time to gain the trust of the animal patients that he treats; he bucks the normal trend. Veterinarians are under pressure to process their patients as quickly as possible. …

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