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Hmong dog breed from Vietnam

Cat or dog? A ‘dat’ or ‘cog’.

This is a Vietnamese Hmong dog, a breed that first belonged to the Hmong tribe, an ethnic group living primarily in China and south-east Asia. The 13-second clip comes from the Twitter page of...

Cat meat trade in Vietnam

How to stop the cat meat trade in Vietnam

The Vietnamese cat meat trade is horrible by any standards. Three million cats, many of them domestic cats (stolen pets), are killed in various inhumane ways before being skinned, disembowelled and eaten because some...

Cat on leash in Vietnam

Dogs and Cats Are Friends, Not Food

The words in the title are those of a campaign organised and managed by youngsters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, whose objectives are to change the awareness of Vietnamese people to the fact...

Three Tons of Cats and Dogs Culled

Three Tons of Cats and Dogs Culled

This is a short note to remind us how bad the human can become in its relations with domestic cats and dogs. This is a complete abdication of responsibility towards domestic cats and dogs....

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