Vietnamese toddler drinks liquid of dead black cats to protect from coronavirus

Vietnamese child drinks liquid made from black cats to protect against coronavirus

In human behaviour reminiscent of medieval times, in Vietnam black cats are being killed and rendered down into a black paste or liquid which you can see in the photograph. They’re doing this as a cure for coronavirus. Or I suppose as some sort of protection against the disease. There is an horrendous photograph …

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Three Tons of Cats and Dogs Culled

This is a short note to remind us how bad the human can become in its relations with domestic cats and dogs. This is a complete abdication of responsibility towards domestic cats and dogs. It is a total perversion of the relationship between cat/dog and humans. It was never meant to be like this. …

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European Union failing to support developing countries to stop wildlife trafficking

It is shocking to be told that thousands of products made from tigers, elephants, rhinos and other endangered species are being traded in Britain and throughout the European Union.  The reason is poor and disjointed controls at ports and airports.  It’s another European Union mess to put it frankly. It is estimated that only …

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