Kind acts like volunteering for an animal charity beats therapy for depression

Doing kind acts can reduce depression

Depression or just feeling down is not uncommon. It’s part of life. We need to accept it and enjoy the moments when we feel livelier and happier. But if you’ve ever felt blue and I’m sure pretty well everyone reading this has at some stage, the secret to boosting your mood is to do …

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Tips on trapping cats by a ‘cat trapper extraordinaire’

Daria Weber, a Martin County resident, brings several trapped feral cats to the Animal Medical Hospital on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021 in Stuart, where the cats can be spayed or neutered, as part of the county-approved trap and release program.

I have to write about Daria Weber because she is the kind of person that I admire more than any other. She quietly gets on with her voluntary work with commitment and persistence, helping the community, not seeking reward except the knowledge that she is improving animal welfare. She deserves recognition. Daria Weber has …

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Toxic work environment inside a palatial building at Seattle Humane

Seattle Humane

The Seattle Times has lambasted a glossy animal shelter: Seattle Humane, for not carrying out the promises that they made when raising $30 million to build what they describe as a palatial shelter on three floors, the largest non-profit animal shelter in the Puget Sound region. Nathan Winograd has picked up on The Seattle …

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Why are there so many cats on Cyprus?

Community cat of Cyprus

The key reason why are there so many community cats on Cyprus is because not enough are being sterilized. The question is not about domestic cats but semi-feral community cats. Although there needs to be an education program to improve domestic cat ownership to ensure that all owned cats are sterilized. This would tackle …

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Salmiati rescues cats in Indonesia

Salmiati a cat rescuer in Indonesia

I don’t know much about this saint-like woman in Indonesia. She deserves a medal and recognition for her voluntary struggles in rescuing homeless cats from huge mounds of garbage in Indonesia’s West Sumatra province which is why I am writing this. Her name is Salmiati. I have her name in the title deliberately. It …

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Big-hearted teenager opens animal shelter

Eduardo and cat

Anápolis, Brazil: Remember the name Eduardo Caioado as I think he’ll become famous one day. He has a huge heart. His life is speeded up compared to most people. He is 17-years-of-age and has recently achieved his dream of opening an animal shelter which he calls the EduPaçoca Institute. It is actually a sanctuary …

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Animal shelters in poorer European countries are suffering because of coronavirus pandemic

Lucy Watson has a fundraiser for Greek animal rescue

NEWS/OPINION: It is reported ( that animal rescues in the less well developed European countries in terms of animal welfare are suffering because of the coronavirus outbreak. Countries such as Romania and Greece are not wonderful bastions of animal welfare anyway. Romania has a bad record on animal welfare and should not be in …

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