Why are cats so creepy sometimes?

Why are cats creepy sometimes?

You see the question in the title from time to time on the Internet. Obviously, some people think domestic cats are creepy, which is sad. They are not creepy but we have to respect those who think they are. The kind of person who might think cats are creepy are those who might be …

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My cat refuses to get on the couch or bed unless paper is provided to sit on. Why?

Cat needs to sit on a piece of paper when on the couch or bed

This is an interesting phenomenon which is discussed on the Reddit.com website. One of the users says that their cat refuses to go on the couch or bed unless there is a piece of paper on the furniture upon which he can sit as you see in the photograph. The $64,000 question is why? …

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Cat says “Are you coming?” – I explain how and why.

Cat asks 'Are you coming?'

In this TikTok video the cat says: “Are you coming?”. How did this happen? Can a domestic cat speak like a human in the English language? It seems highly improbable! Indeed, it is impossible; at least currently. Perhaps in a couple of million years’ time a domestic cat might be able to say a …

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5 ‘weird cat behaviors’ in a TikTok video explained

5 weird feline behaviors in a TikTok video explained

In this TikTok video the cat owner thinks that her cat behaves weirdly. The video shows 5 different types of ‘weird’ feline behaviour. I thought I would try and explain them so that they are no longer weird but normal in the context of a domestic cat’s mentality. The voiceover is male but this …

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