Minimising wet cat food waste

My cat Gabriel

I have several pages on minimising wet cat food waste. One concerns ensuring that your cat eats all the wet cat food provided. Click here if that interests you. The method is presented in an infographic. This is another ‘tip’. Although I confess that I am not a great fan of giving tips. It …

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Working out the protein content of wet and dry cat food for comparison (infographic)

Protein content of wet versus dry cat food comparison

I am happy with this infographic which I hope explains in a clear way how to compare the protein content of wet and dry cat foods. It can be puzzling. The protein content is important as protein is the most important nutrient in cat food. From time to time a cat caregiver might want …

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No wet cat food waste (infographic)

Empty bowl under a no waste wet cat food regime

Do you aspire to that cat caregiving utopian ideal of no wet food waste left in the bowl after a feeding or even after five feedings? Well, I’ve achieved it. I’m boasting but I’ve done it through precision feeding. The Infographic explains the MO but I will add a few words. There are perhaps …

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Pet food emulsifiers might be harming our cats. Can you trust it?

Cat eating wet cat food

I don’t believe that we can entirely trust the cat and dog food we buy in the UK to be safe for our companion animals. I have just watched a BBC programme about ultra-processed human foods which might harm us. In the UK the FSA (Food Standards Agency) regulates the food industry including pet …

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Wet pet food much worse for the environment than dry pet food

Dry versus wet pet foods from a global warming standpoint

The New Scientist website tells us that wet pet food has seven times the carbon emissions of dry cat food. They refer to a study which I can’t access which tells us that an assessment of around 940 different kinds of Brazilian cat and dog food found that producing wet pet food creates 690% …

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You’re not a cat hoarder but a cat food hoarder!

Well stocked with cat food at this home

There is an interesting discussion on cat food on social media. It’s about how much you store in your kitchen or to use an old-fashioned word, pantry. Does this picture reflect your attitude to cat food purchase and storage? The person concerned said that visitors to her home said that she spoiled her cats …

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Can humans eat cat food and will it be cheaper?

Tuna open sandwich made with wet cat food

In general terms, the answer to the two questions in the title are (a) yes and (b) yes but it depends upon the food quality. Eating cat food to save money is not a long-term solution and it is not ideal. And people tend to store cat food less well than they do human …

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