Conservation of the puma a.k.a. mountain lion – full discussion 2022

Mountain lion travelling

Introduction: This page has been refreshed, added-to and republished on February 1, 2022. It needed to be because assessments on conservation of wild species needs to be constantly updated. That said, and regrettably, it seems that the experts are not doing this. The experts charged with reporting on conservation and threats against the puma …

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When Namibian farmers avoided cheetah ‘hubs’ they reduced livestock losses by 86%

Cheetah hangout - cheetah hub

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a common sense and effective approach to substantially reducing the problem of cheetahs killing livestock in Namibia. It’s the first time I’ve seen this approach taken. Conflict between predators like the cheetah and farmers is a constant problem in Africa and it leads to the death of the predator because the farmers retaliate to protect their livestock so they poison or kill the cheetah in anyway they can. It’s about protecting their livelihood, so we can understand the attitude.

Cheetah hangout - cheetah hub
Cheetah hangout – cheetah hub. Camera trap photograph: Leibniz-IZW Cheetah Research Project via Associated Press

A study published on December 7, 2020 called Communication hubs of an asocial cat are the source of a human-carnival conflict and a carnivore conflict and key to its solution has reported that if farmers know where cheetahs congregate in what the researchers describe as “hubs” they can avoid them and farm their livestock elsewhere. When this happens the cheetahs prey on animals other than livestock and they found that livestock losses were reduced by 86%. It is a brilliant result.

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Trump’s Mexico-US wall would jeopardise ocelot conservation

Ocelot in Sonora just south of Arizona

The news surrounding Trump’s great wall has subsided but its construction is still on the table and it is still a danger to wildlife conservation and in particular for the ocelot. This beautiful but endangered small wild cat species has been documented as living in Arizona since the 19th century but they were heavily …

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If a cougar mauls a dog and kills a domestic cat you shoot the cougar

Beautiful puma

The policy of conservation officerso in the area of Penticton1, British Columbia, Canada, is to shoot dead a cougar (even a young one2) if it mauls someone’s dog and kills a cat. Conservation officers do this because it indicates a pattern of taking domestic pets instead of sticking to a ‘natural diet of deer …

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The Chernobyl catastrophe proves that wild animals are better off without us

Lynx at Chernobyl exclusion zone

With humans out of the way, Chernobyl’s wildlife thrives like never before. When reactor number four of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded on April 26, 1986, many people, thousands of trees and most of the animals in the area were killed. Subsequently many people have been killed because of radiation poisoning. The radiation …

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