Can rats be as big as cats?

We often read in the news media about rats being so big that they are as big as cats. Can this be true? Are people exaggerating? People tend to exaggerate when they are frightened of something. It happens all the time. Normally exaggerating the size of an animal occurs when people spot a mysterious …

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Are Bengal cats big?

Bengal cat

This is a focused, single question which must result in a response along the same lines. Your typical F5 Bengal cat, which is the default standard Bengal cat in people’s homes will be the same size as an average domestic cat. The breed standards for this breed should guide us as to what the …

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Rusty-spotted cat size compared to domestic cat size

Rusty-spotted cat size compared to a domestic cat size

There is a fascination with the rusty-spotted cat because of its diminutive size. It is the smallest cat species in the world. It’s weight varies but on average it is somewhere around 1.2 kg or about 2.5 pounds. The weight of domestic cats varies a lot too, but on average, a healthy adult domestic …

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Güiña cat size

Kodkod painting

The güiña cat is better known as the kodkod. The word “kodkod” is the Araucanian Indian name for this cat. In Argentina and Chile it is commonly called güiña. Genetically it is similar to Geoffroy’s cat. It is described as tiny although there are three wild cat species which are smaller: black-footed, flat-headed and …

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Missouri Department of Conservation make the effort to prove mountain lion sighting is incorrect

Comparing domestic cat with cut out of mountain lion

It is unusual for a state department to become involved like this in taking the time and trouble to prove that a citizen of the state has got it wrong when they say they have seen a mountain lion. In this instance, a woman made a video of a cat walking along the top …

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If there was a house cat as big as a tiger, would she be just as dangerous as a tiger?

Not as big as a tiger but huge nonetheless

If there was a house cat as big as a tiger, would she be just as dangerous as a tiger? The answer must be No. This is because there would be at least a couple of major differences. Socialisation Firstly ‘house cats’ are socialised to humans and dogs (and ideally other companion animals). This …

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