wild cat species

What does the margay eat?

The margay is a small wild cat species in between the size of an ocelot and an oncilla. They are…

1 month ago

Why are cats so lazy?

When you consider the definition of the word "lazy" it is difficult to come to the conclusion that cats are…

2 months ago

What would happen if there were no cats?

You have to differentiate between (1) wild cats and (2) domestic, stray and feral cats. I will deal with (2)…

2 months ago

Why do servals have big ears and short tails?

The answer is fairly straightforward. They have big ears because most of their hunting takes place in long grass detecting…

2 months ago

When do domestic cats become sexually active?

Domestic cats become sexually active when they are nearly 12-months-of-age. However, it varies. For males the youngest sexually mature age…

2 months ago

Difference between domestic kittens and bobcat kittens

There is a bit of concern over the difference between normal domestic kittens, the offspring of a house cat, and…

2 months ago

What is the difference between a wild cat and a feral cat?

The difference between a wild cat and a feral cat is found in their origin and their history both individually…

2 months ago

What do Andean mountain cats eat?

Andean mountain cats eat any small mammal, birds and lizards. In the altiplano (Andean Plateau where the Andes are at…

2 months ago

Wild cat species in Michigan

According to some "experts" there are possibly two wild cat species in Michigan: the Canada lynx and bobcat. The lynx…

3 months ago

Pictures of two clouded leopard kittens and two caracal kittens

Two excellent photographs of two siblings of two different species of medium-sized wild cat: caracal and clouded leopard.

4 months ago