Bengal and Savannah cats outside can look like wild cats and they can frighten the public

Bengal cat outside looks like a wild cat

I think that one very good reason why it is inadvisable to allow your wildcat hybrid such as the Bengal or Savannah cats outside unsupervised is because, at a distance, and if an observer is unsure, they look very much like a genuine wild cat. Perhaps the observer lets their imagination run wild and …

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Which cat breeds like water most?

Bengal cats are more likely to be less water-averse than other cat breeds

The cat breeds that are more likely to accept getting thoroughly wet and even enjoy water are those that are nearest to the wild ancestor, the wildcat. These breeds are the wildcat hybrids such as the Bengal and Savannah. I believe that statement is a good starting point as it is logical and not …

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Can a cat have a baby with a bobcat?

1960s purported bobcat hybrid but a tabby domestic cat

The question is interesting because it is loosely formulated. What it is asking is can the domestic cat mate with a bobcat to create hybrid offspring and the best answer comes from Sarah Hartwell when she writes about “domestic hybrid with bobcat and lynx”. I will quote her verbatim because the answer demands a …

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Which cat likes water?

Bengal cat likes playing around in water

Among the domestic cats, the Bengal cat, a popular wild cat hybrid, and a purebred, pedigree cat tends to like water and the same can be said about the Savannah cat which is also a wild cat hybrid. The same can probably said about the other wildcat hybrids e.g Chausie. You can see a …

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New York City exotic animal trader sold wildcat kittens as house pets

Young caracals believed to be the ones traded by Casacci

NEWS AND VIEWS: In violation of New York State law governing the commercial possession and sale of wild cat species such as the caracal and serval, Christopher Casacci, 38, of Amherst, traded in these exotic African cats under the guise of selling domestic pets. He sold dozens of caracals and servals for $7,500 to …

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Tribrid leopard-lion-tiger

Tribrid leopard lion tiger allegedly

I have called this three-way hybrid big cat a ‘tribrid’ because that is what it allegedly is. A tribrid has three components (offspring of three different species) while a hybrid has two components, which is the offspring of two different species. The picture comes from Sarah Hartwell’s website She is the queen of …

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Picture of tiny leopard cat in thick gloves (tells a story)

Picture of tiny leopard cat in thick gloves

This picture by Reuters/Bernadett Szabo reminds us very starkly that although the small wild cats look cute and cuddly they are genuinely fierce and, yes, wild in character when handled by humans. They are, of course, unsocialised. But it is more than that. They have a fierceness which is impressive; like miniature tigers. Some …

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