How did the cat become associated with witchcraft?

Witch's cat

The compact infographic below summarises how the humble and innocent cat became so unfairly associated with witchcraft. Once again, I rely on the best man or women on the matter of cat history and behavior: Dr Desmond Morris. Such clean writing and clarity of thought. He says that religious bigots, in this case Christians, …

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Halloween video: fun and entertaining or abusive and objectionable?

Fun or abusive?

Halloween is sadly upon us 😒😎. This holiday season does lead to some cat abuse because of the link between black cats and Halloween. It is an unpleasant association at heart because it harks back to Medieval times and the chronic and widespread abuse of domestic cats for hundreds of years. Black cats are …

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‘Black people don’t do cats’ Discuss

Sterling Davis

Today, I feel like diversifying. Pushing the envelope as I always like to do. One way of doing it is to address topics which are rarely addressed. One such topic is whether people of colour, specifically black people, don’t really like cats or companion animals in general. ‘Persons of colour’ refers to non-white people. …

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Why are black cats associated with Halloween?

Black cats and Halloween

You can easily link black cats with the specific superstition that they were agents of the Devil. Some people still believe it. You can link black cats to witchcraft and cat familiars i.e. cats belonging to witches, but it is harder to link black cats to Halloween because Halloween is a celebration in which …

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Why is it bad luck for a black cat to cross your path (origin)

Black cat crossing person's path

Witchcraft is the origin of the long held belief in many countries and cultures that black cats bring bad luck if they cross your path. Confusingly the opposite belief – that they bring good luck – is also a superstition in some places. It started in Europe in the Middle Ages and during three …

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The earliest record of the belief that cats are witches in disguise

It was believed that an evil spirit occupied the bodies of cats

Most of now know of the superstitious nonsense that cats are evil spirits because their bodies are occupied by an evil fiend . This crazy link between witchcraft – which itself is a fiction – and domestic cats blighted the lives of millions of cats for centuries. The earliest record we have of this …

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Time to pardon witches and their cats

Helen Duncan with cheesecloth coming out of her mouth

It is time to pardon all witches and in so doing rehabilitate all the cats who lived with “witches”. Pardoning witches is not a new idea. For example. in 2004, in Scotland, Dr Gordon Prestoungrange exercised his legal authority, under a baronial court, to posthumously pardon eight-one witches and their cats who were executed …

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