Men need to be aware of and sensitive towards the justifiable anxieties of women

Anxious young woman walking home after dark

I have learned to believe that men need to be more aware of the anxieties of women. Under certain circumstances, women can feel justifiably anxious. But under the same circumstances men often do not feel anxious. This reflects gender inequalities in society. Walking home after dark What got me thinking about this is a …

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Women more likely than men to employ baby talk towards puppy-eyed dogs

Puppy eyes are very enticing and they elicit baby talk in women but not men

Puppy dog eyes are more effective in getting women to become maternal and speak baby talk than men, according to a study in which scientists analysed men’s and women’s voices when responding to pictures of dogs with variable-sized eyes. Dogs and babies are more likely to respond to baby talk in women by the …

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Reasons why men don’t like cats (or is it true?)

Cat loves man

There is actually a main reason why some men genuinely don’t like cats and a different reason why men don’t want to admit that they like cats. Although, to be clear, in this article I’m taking a stereotypical view of men. That’s slightly dangerous to put it mildly because as is the case for …

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Compared to the past, more cats like men for this reason

Female vets dominate the profession in 2023

There was a time when you could ask this question, “Why do some cats hate men?” Around 20 years ago that question would have been applicable and the suggested reason is this. There was a great preponderance of men in the veterinary profession. The argument is that because some domestic cats associated men with …

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A link between women’s love of cats and their concern for fairness and compassion?

Woman cuddles a cat

There’s a huge study out at the moment from the University of Southern California concerning a third of a million people in 67 countries. Although it is obviously wrong to generalise, the scientists found that women say that they are more concerned about the virtues of fairness, compassion and moral purity than men. And …

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Do cats prefer women?

Ugandan kitten

Do domestic cats prefer women? It seems distinctly possible that domestic cats do prefer women, in general. Obviously there will be specific instances when they don’t. It is quite unusual to ask if cats prefer women. Most reference books don’t touch on this sort of issue. But it is relevant in terms of best …

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