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Pawternity leave poll by Roger Wade

Is ‘pawternity leave’ a good idea?

The concept of ‘pawternity leave’ has gone viral. It originates in a post by Roger Wade, CEO & Founder at Boxpark, on the LinkedIn website. He kicked up a large response to his question,...

Chicago community cat with remains of a squirrel

Community cats put to work in Chicago

In an overly dramatic headline on one news media website, the author states that “1,000 feral cats unleashed on Chicago’s streets to fight rat problem”. That is not quite the way it is because...

Tortie Bodega cat among the Tortillas

Best pictures of Bodega cats

There are some excellent pictures of Bodega cats on Facebook. They really do capture the spirit of the community of these 10,000 corner shops in New York City which are characterised by their resident...

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