All businesses should take a leaf out of the Disneyland book on feral cats

Nutmeg, a favorite Disneyland cat

Disneyland’s attitude towards feral cats at their Anaheim, California theme park attraction is the gold standard for how businesses should treat feral cats. And I hope that when directors of companies are discussing those pesky feral cats which are a ‘nuisance’ on their properties, that they turn their minds to Disneyland and study what …

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Being sensitive to the connection that cats have to their home range

It is like he wanted our help

This is a video which shows us how a workplace employee (or business owner, not sure which) was delightfully sensitive to the connection that a stray cat had to his ‘home range’. All species of cat have a home range, which is the place they consider their home and which varies tremendously in size …

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Hairy, gray wandering cat on shoulders of woman (?) with brightly dyed ginger hair in a store!

Sweet grey cat on shoulders on woman with dyed ginger hair in a store

The tweet reads: “This little one came into my store today (not my cat). Meet Rubber! He enjoyed yelling and being on shoulders…” Sweet. Super attractive little, all-gray cat enjoying himself being at the same level as humans which is the way it should be, I’d say. Why post something like this? Because the …

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Large rat helps itself to food in Rome delicatessen. They need a bodega cat!

Rat munches on deli produce at Rome supermarket without interference

A large rat which crept into a Rome supermarket and helped itself at the deli counter in front of customers has become a sensation and racked up more than half a million views on the Instagram page where it has been published under the account name WELCOMETOFAVELAS_. Customers asked how it was possible and …

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Towser, holds the record for the champion mouser of all time

Towser the queen of mousers

It’s nice to recognise the useful hunting skills of the domestic cat and Towser (1963-1987) holds the record for the champion mouser of all time. She was a tortoiseshell cat owned by Glenturret Distillery, near Crieff, Tayside, Scotland. She is reported to have killed an average of three mice a day, every day of …

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Australia is killing all their feral cats and now they have a mouse plague

Mouse plague of Australia

It is said that Australia’s out-of-control mouse plague could last for up to 2 years unless the government takes urgent action in giving farmers free poison which is an anticoagulant. The mice die of internal bleeding. The trouble is that the poison is dangerous to other wildlife. Trying to kill a specific animal with …

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Googleplex should be compartmentalized into cat and dog areas

Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California looking like a holiday camp!

Officially, Google is a dog company. This is speciesism. And it is very high-profile speciesism but the reason that the Google bosses will give is that because Google is a dog company, and dogs are welcome to work with the owners in their massive Googleplex headquarters, there is no place for cats because of …

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Wake up Australians! Use the community cat to fight the plague of mice in New South Wales

Mice invasion in NSW Australia

NEWS AND COMMENT: what is shocking about this story is that it tells us about a plague of mice in New South Wales which is making people miserable without a mention of the world’s best mice deterrent. There are reports of people being woken up by mice biting their feet or crawling across their …

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