WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT’s campaign stops American funding of animal experiments in China and Russia

WCW stop American taxpayer funding of animal experiments abroad

The WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT is a fantastic organisation. They spotted a form of madness, wastefulness and moral turpitude, which other organisations had missed. It was the funding by the US government of laboratories occupied by men and women in white coats experimenting on animals in foreign countries with goals that are not in …

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US sends $1.3 billion to China and Russia (funding cat experiments) while their national debt relentlessly climbs. Michigan might ban declawing.

NEWS AND OPINION-AMERICA: For me, it looks very peculiar. Two recent news stories coming out of America just don’t square up. The US has just extended the national debt level upwards so that they can continue to pay the bills. The chart below tells you how the debt ceiling has constantly climbed and it …

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Wuhan Pet Life team has already helped more than 2,000 cats struggling to survive inside their homes

wuhan cat

Breaking news from Wuhan Pet Life Online tells the story of a hero and his team in the corona-infected Chinese city who is literally breaking into homes to help the pets struggling to survive inside their homes due to the mandatory quarantine. “Old Cat,” as he’s known to his friends, Lao Mao (AKA Shuai …

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