Shraddha Kapoor is an animal lover

I am an instant fan of Shraddha Kapoor. I had no idea who she was until about five minutes ago…

2 months ago

Suicide by tiger

The title really should read "suicide by big cat". I've chosen the tiger because this is the big cat chosen…

2 months ago

Bald female tiger at Waccatee Zoo, USA in urgent need of help

This really is a very distressing story. It hurts to read about it. It makes me sick to the stomach…

3 months ago

Coronavirus is an opportunity to close zoos

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in lockdowns which are being lifted at various paces in various places. Many zoos face…

4 months ago

Should tigers be housed together?

People are using Google's search engine to find out if tigers should be housed together when in captivity. And the…

4 months ago

New South Wales: two lions maul female zookeeper. Fate of lions to be decided.

This is another story of a zookeeper being attacked by a lion or lions and suffering severe injuries. In this…

4 months ago

Pictures of two tigers being tested for Covid-19

Pictures showing mouth and nose swabs being taken from tigers at Miami Zoo to test for Covid-19. They tested negative…

5 months ago

Pictures of two clouded leopard kittens and two caracal kittens

Two excellent photographs of two siblings of two different species of medium-sized wild cat: caracal and clouded leopard.

6 months ago

Video: man panics when zoo lion bites down on his right hand

It looks like this man put his right hand through the bars of the cage (but not far in), which…

7 months ago

Is Calvin Klein perfume safe to use on big cats in zoos?

Banham Zoo, Norfolk, UK: Banham Zoo has appealed for unwanted perfumes from visitors because they are a 'roaring success' with…

8 months ago