Hello...I found my sweet Chinchilla Persian on Petfinders. She was delivered via a dog rescue truck. In the private room: Of course!

And although she was about 9 yrs old (now 11) she acts like a kitten after she awakens from slumber!!!

I fell in love with this breed after getting my first Persian (rescue) that turned out to be sick (found this out the day after I got the records). That, in fact, she was not utd on vet visits as I was told....

She was a such a sweetheart...She sat with my mom all day and slept on my shoulder all night.

We only had Sha Sha for 2 months. Long enough to fall in love.

~forever and a day~!!

My new Persian, Sushia, actually looks like a 'twin' (as they often do) to our Sha Sha. Although Sushia does not want to sit on anyone!!

Gotta love the persian(s)!!!

I will always want to own one...They are very special!!!

Highly recommend adopting from petfinders!! Renee from tenn was so helpful in all aspects of the adoption...She saved my baby from a shelter near knoxville...I am so thankful for my persian girl!

As you can see in the picture~''''hello gorgeous..'''


TAIL OF 2 RESCUES to Persian Cats

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Jul 21, 2010 You are one kind lady!
by: Barbara

Hi Michele, it seems that first Sha Sha and now Sushia fell right on to their paws when they met you, you're an earth angel for sure for caring so much about rescuing cats. I wish you and Sushia many happy love filled years together

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Jul 20, 2010 She's beautiful
by: Tracey (England)

I love Chinchillas and she is particularly pretty

Jul 20, 2010 She's beautiful
by: Tracey (England)

I love Chinchillas and she is particularly pretty

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