Tailor-made cat and dog oxygen mask revives cat after house fire

This is neat. We see quite a lot of photos of rescued house cats being revived by firefighters with oxygen masks designed for humans after they have been pulled from a fire-ravaged home.  The New Orleans Fire Department has come up with a tailor made version of the resuscitation oxygen mask for domestic cats and dogs!

Tailor-made cat and dog oxygen mask revives cat after house fire

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It is been used to save the life of a cat who had almost died. The lifeless cat was found in the hallway of a home in the 1220 block of Columbus Street, Seventh Ward, New Orleans.

There had been small kitchen fire. Two cats escaped the home unharmed while the third failed to make it but was revived with this device.

The cat made a full recovery and it as far we know is in good health.

Source: Examiner.com via Fox Carolia – my thanks to Elisa Black-Taylor.

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2 thoughts on “Tailor-made cat and dog oxygen mask revives cat after house fire”

  1. I bet that the UK firefighting service would carry these if they were available. I’ve seen many reports in the UK of Firefighters using human oxygen masks (and in one case a tent made on site out of a cagoule) on pets rescued from fires. Firefighters always seem to be compassionate, especially towards animals in distress.

    I wonder if the New Orleans crew would be happy to spread the word globally to other Firefighters?

  2. This is a lovely news story.

    It says a lot for the kindness of the people at the New Orleans Fire Department. Even with their busy, dangerous jobs, they still made the time to invent something especially to help save animal lives.

    If these oxgyen helmets are effective, then it would be great to see the design adopted by more fire crews worldwide.

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