Taiwan is about to make the eating of cats and dogs illegal and more…

cat and dog meat market

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Brilliant news: in government legislation which is the first of its kind in Asia, Taiwan is close to making the eating of cat and dog meat illegal. I hope and pray that this attitude spreads across Asia to countries such as Vietnam and China. The world wants Asia to stop the brutal killing of these animals for restaurant delicacies and food which they believe cures arthritis. Please stop this crazy and cruel attitude.

The legislation is being introduced by adding to an existing Act: Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act. The amendment will ban the selling, purchasing, possession and eating of dog and cat meat. The fines on conviction are quite high at $8,100 (USD). The perpetrators will be named and shamed publicly.

In addition there will a tightening up of the law regarding animal cruelty. Punishment on conviction will be a max. of 2 years in prison and a max. fine of $65,000. Excellent.

The legislation needs to be signed off by the cabinet and the Presidental Office.

What can we say? Fabulous news. And better late than never.

Source: Taiwan is about to make eating dogs and cats illegal: Shanghaiist

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  1. It’s a step forward. We can only hope they’ll stop this brutality, but replace it with what? One of our biggest sources of meat protein is cow meat, but they decimate the land… they’re clear-cutting Africa at a horrific pace, and cows are (per pound or some protein equivalent measure) are the least efficient means on the planet. It takes an ungodly amount of water to produce it than in any other way, and of course all the grain, grass and land they use. You can’t do anything with the land once they’ve killed it, other than pave it over I think. Still, what they’re doing to dogs and cats has to stop, but the end answer to all this is population control.


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