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Taiwan: Strange Cat Abuse Story — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve just seen this on Facebook this morning then discovered this article on PoC, though I should have known the PoC family would be onto it. How cold and unfeeling she is, her petted face is impassive and she’s full of self righteousness even at her young age. But that cat has me worried, it seems too quiet, can you imagine trying to stuff your own cat in a jar? It’s bad enough trying to get one of ours into a carrying basket to go to the vets, you’d think the poor thing would have fought her with claws and teeth, why didn’t it? And she’s still in possession of the poor thing and picking it up by the scruff. I hope she does get a sentence for it and I hope she also gets a ban.

    • Yes, it is unbelievable and what is even more perverted is that she boasted about it on Facebook and uploaded a photo. She obviously does not have clue about being sensible and cat caretaking.

  2. BTW, I have much more respect for Taiwan, than I do for China, culturally, generally-speaking. Hopefully, the American populations, overall, are becoming also more enlightened. I’m referring to the comparison of American youth in every class level to the Chinese youth/students. It needs much more attention. Hopefully, it is happening, albeit too slowly…

  3. You know, I had to come back to this, it is so brutal, so cruel. I suspect that she comes from parents with severe mental issues, and was treated cruelly in a way that left her severely scarred. I do not in any way excuse her of her treatment of this victim. I hope that she is given therapy with a cat under close supervision. Let me know what you think; am I showing too much compassion?

    • Sorry Caroline but I have no compassion for animal abusers. If someone is abused themselves then surely they know how it feels and I can’t understand why they want to inflict it on innocent animals.
      That poor cat must have suffered struggling to move and breathe, it doesn’t bear thinking about!

  4. Yes that truly is stupid and cruel cat caretaking and I hope she gets severely punished for it.
    How would she like to be shoved into a plastic jar with a lid on I wonder? I’d like to be the one who did that to her and NO holes drilled because she doesn’t deserve to breathe.

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