Taj Needs A Good Home

Taj Needs A Good Home

by Deborah Rebisz
(Austin, TX)


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I have a purebred Bengal named Taj. He "found" me in Phoenix, AZ in 2003...showed up at my front door with puncture holes after having been mauled by a dog, as near as the vet could guess.

He was estimated to be about a year old and obviously had never lived in a house with people and other pets - the vet figured he came from a cattery somewhere, though I never received any responses to the "found" ad I'd place in the local paper.

I had Taj fixed up, neutered, and given his shots. Unfortunately, he was a bit of a wild child and at that time my mother was going through chemotherapy and desperately needed her rest so we couldn't keep him.

Additionally, I had 4 cats of my own...gentle beasts who weren't up to dealing with the "Wild Man." My dad (living in Austin, TX) had been instrumental in founding Animal Trustees of Austin so I phoned him about this beautiful, exotic problem-cat.

He came out for a visit and took custody of Taj, knowing he'd be able to find him a good home based on the cat's good looks and outgoing personality. My father found a home for him with a distant friend of the family and all was well.

When my mother passed away, I moved to Austin to be near my dad and sister. Turns out the man who adopted Taj was my brother-in-law's best friend. A man whom I ended up meeting and falling in love with, thus getting this crazy Bengal back through marriage!

We've been married for 5 years now and have tried everything to make this Bengal fit into our multi-pet household. The gentle cats are terrified of him though I don't think he means any harm...he just plays very rough.

So poor Taj has been delegated to living in just two rooms in our home and it's unfair. He's terribly vocal at all hours, probably due to his confinement. We've had folks who were willing to adopt him, but I feared that they'd throw him out on his butt when they tired of his rambunctious behavior.

I really wish I could find a rescue organization that was able to understand the challenges of the Bengal breed and would help me to relocate him into a good home. He's a really wonderful, engaging, and interesting cat...never a dull moment for certain! He just needs some understanding, attention, and fairly tough playmates, if any.


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Taj Needs A Good Home

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Oct 18, 2010 Example
by: Michael

I think this is a good example of how the Bengal cat (a wildcat hybrid) can be relatively active compared to non hybrid domestic cats. He may have gotten wilder when straying.

Thanks for posting and good luck. Shame it worked out this way. A wild suggestion: perhaps he needs the opposite of confinement to burn off the energy and perhaps he needs the maximum of stimulation to quieten him down.

I fully understand your position, however, and with four other cats there is a limit.

Michael Avatar

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  1. Hi I’m thinking of getting a Bengal cat I am retired and home most of the time . this is the first time in my life that I have not had a loving pet I have had both dogs and cats .just lost my loving dog last year after 16 years. I do live in a condo now and would love a companion again Have u found a home for him yet.

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