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Take a caracal, make him fat and make him look stupid with a dunce’s hat — 5 Comments

  1. Think you’re looking a bit too deep into this. it’s just a cute animal wearing a birthday hat,not the end of the world

    • I agree that it is not the end of the world. Not at all. But what I’m saying in the title is that the owner is not doing a great job of cat caregiving. They can do better. That is all I’m saying. Letting a caracal become fat is not good and entertaining oneself by making your cat look stupid is not good either. It’s a question of respecting the cat and not using the cat to entertain one’s self and others. That’s all. Nothing clever about it. Nothing even deep about it. It’s common sense.

      • It isn’t only to entertain its to make a profit. They have social media accounts and they advertise and sell “pumba merch” and “big floppa merch” and they have a Vimeo link to sell personal photos and videos with the caracals in them. They’re purely exploiting these wild animals and using them for social media and financial gain with the bare minimum care and over feeding them probably to help keep them tame. It is absolutely sickening those poor cats deserve to be free not seen as a token for their social media clout.

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