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Take another look at the mesmerising human face on this Maine Coon — 4 Comments

  1. I think it’s because it’s fur has grown and is colored to have a more round appearance than triangle. Also it’s less elongated (flatter) and it moves it’s eyes more than most cats. These things make it look more human and less cat-like. I’m always troubled that humans tend to admire and relate better to animals with a more human appearance than appreciate an animal for what it is. We’re all related in general ways but some people ONLY notice or care about animals that are very much like us in particular, which tends to relegate the rest of those species irrelevant in their minds and hearts. I admit that, for example I don’t get into reptiles or birds as much myself, but I do like horses which don’t look very human at all (they are very expressive though). Although, there is the occasional horse-face human… Bottom line I do like this cat too for the same reasons as Michael, but we like all cats, good PoC’ers that we are.

  2. The comments is correct about the expressions of cats in medieval paintings.

    The poor cat looks stressed, submissive and very tired to me. Those whiskers are not relaxed.

    Humans who breed for form, whatever country they are practicing husbandry in, are destroying the baseline health of the domestic cat.

    • I’d only add that they pander to the narrow-minded self-indulgence of people, which cheapens how humans in general pay attention to and care about all cats in a public policy way.

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