Taking photos and making videos of your cat – listen to a couple of experts explain how they do it

Leili & Kevin

Leili & Kevin. Photo: Leili & Kevin (it is a selfie).

This is a podcast from a couple, Leili & Kevin, about making videos and taking photos of your cat. They have a lot of experience in videography. Leili & Kevin are the founders of Supakit. In this podcast they talk about their experience and pass it onto listeners. They discuss whether you should take a photograph or make a video and how to create a story with a video. In fact, they cover all angles on making a quality video presentation of your cat. I suspect that this podcast would be useful to people who have thought about opening a YouTube or an Instagram account.

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There are a lot of Instagram accounts of the daily life of the account holder’s cat. They can be highly successful. They tend to turn on the simple fact that the cat is very interesting. And by interesting, I mean in appearance and sometimes in behaviour. This normally means that the cat has to be a purebred cat such as an impressive Maine Coon with an imposing presence and a wonderful coat.

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I’m not saying that it is a prerequisite but if you happen to live with a beautiful domestic cat companion but have not yet dipped your toe into that tricky world of social media and particularly Instagram, this interview with a couple of experts on video making may interest you.

I am sure that if you checked out 1,000 Instagram pages about cats, about five of them will be successful, perhaps even less than that. So, by all means have expectations but keep them in check. There is no easy fix. It isn’t easy to be successful online in any context. You have to be persistent and committed. The competition is fierce. It is easy to start without huge financial outlay. And you’ve got to know what you’re doing. That’s why I think this podcast may help some people.

I think, essentially, you have to bring something fresh to the table. Either a different perspective from the presenter, or information which is novel or very thorough and therefore highly useful. Visitors to social media websites want to take something away from that site. Nowadays visitors rarely contribute. They might make the occasional comment but there are less comments these days than before.

They want to be entertained and/or educated. You have got to try and meet that desire in an interesting way; in a way which holds your audience and, ideally, encourages them to return for more.

As a former photographer myself back in the 1970s, I know a lot about that medium. I have to say that there is no shortcut to acquiring the requisite skills. You have to know photography to take a good photograph. There is no substitute for innate talent but you have to know the craft of making a photograph. This takes a bit of time. The same must go for making a good video.

And in both instances, you need to know how to edit the raw material. Photo-editing is very important nowadays in order to maximise the image quality. Video editing can be tricky. I’ve done quite a bit of it because I have a YouTube account myself that was moderately successful. Although I’ve not made a video for a very long time. I ran out of material basically.

It can be quite tricky to learn how to edit video material to a professional standard. Patience and precision are probably the two words that come to mind.


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