Talking about a cat at a distance because of social isolation

LEEDS, UK: Pictures of a conversation, posted on Twitter, between neighbours at a distance through signs in windows reflects our new lives living in social isolation. Humans are very adaptable just like cats 🙂 .

Conversation about a cat at a distance
Conversation about a cat at a distance due to Covid-10 social isolation. The pictures are by Sian Cosgrove on her Twitter account.
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Sian Cosgrove likes to see the black-white-cat over the street in the house opposite who sits on the window sill looking out the window. She did not know the neighbour or the cat. In a large sign stuck to her window she asked her neighbour for the name of their cat.

Back came the reply ‘Walter’ which prompted Sian to respond with ‘Great name, Walter is a handsome boy’. The response to that was ‘He thanks you’.

Sian jokingly believes that she has a thing going on with Walter. This started a thread from other Twitter users. This is a nice example of how people have adapted to lockdown. Across the country people are finding new ways to live and do things. For example, as there is no sport on television, we now have virtual sport and sport commentators doing commentaries on non-sport, commonplace events taking place on the street. It is way of alleviating the boredom of self-isolation and to entertain.

I wonder if after three months of this people will change some of their habits for good. I wonder if the coronavirus pandemic will change the world permanently. Don’t forget we have to go back to dealing with climate change after Covid-19. Both will be very, very expensive and both will severely impact personal wealth to varying degrees.

Human excesses are coming home to roost. There is a price for everything.

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