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Talking Cat Says No No! — 24 Comments

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  2. I agree with all.
    I expected a cute video when I found it.
    But, instead, I saw a cat that was terrified and I believe that he was being mentally tormented behind the camera.
    Ears back, wide eyed, stance all tell me that.
    I hated it.

  3. That’s a horrible video, so upsetting to see a cat in such fear and not something that I would ever laugh at, if that is the sort of thing that some people want to see and enjoy then they are not sort of people I would want to associate with. Yes the Internet is full of trash like this but surely it’s best ignored and not shared for cat haters to get their thrill from.

    • Yes let YouTube and other lowlife web sites sink to the depths of depravity, mocking and laughing at cats, I wouldn’t think we want the sort of people who enjoy seeing a cat in fear, here at PoC. Bad enough Woody and his relentless repetitive ranting his hatred of cats.
      I wish I hadn’t looked as now it’s in my mind worrying if that cat is OK, what sort of life does he have and there is absolutely nothing I can do to help him.
      If I was a new visitor today I wouldn’t come back!

  4. Hi Im not going to look at that Video as I dont think its Funny at all. Just the look on the Cats Face is enough to warn me that something bad must be happening.

      • That look on the Cat, is of Fear and of being afraid like something horrible is happening. I’ve chosen anything that look that scarey I refuse to look at!! As it hurts me Emotionally after everything I’ve learnt and hearld about Cats and Kittens and all Animals have made me Stronger but things like this is just horrible.

  5. Not in the least bit funny, that poor cat is half crazed with fear. So upset to see this that I couldn’t watch it all, who could be so cruel as to let whatever was terrifying him continue to do so and to film it too!
    Shocked that anyone calls this a funny video!

  6. Michael, I totally agree. . .this is absolutely hilarious, but. . . . . what is that baby frightened of?? He is obviously very upset about something. . . I am just hoping that it’s nothing serious. . . but it really does sound like he is saying “no, no no”. . .

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