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Talking to cats, high voice or natural voice? — 2 Comments

  1. I have done pedegree cat rescue for over 30 years. High pitched voices are hard for humans to listen to. The same is true for babies and pets. Harsh! It is the word choice that attracts their eyes & causes their ears to rotate to yhe speaker “Hey gang, did you miss me?Sweeties come here!” It gets their attenton. Word choice, not pitch Loving words cause them to turn and follow. Squeeky sounds make them turn their ears away from the speaker, narrow their eyes, and wonder what comes next. They hate it when new people come in and start speaking to them in that loud high pitched manner. When a person addresses them directly,at their level, with loving words, they look at the speaker & will come over and meet the speaker. They seem to act less threatened. The “pitch” idea would be the same as lowering your voice a far as possible you can when speaking to a horse? Dumb idea. It is what you say,tone,word choice, not pitch.

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