Tammie Hedges’ fundraiser reached $40,741. What’s she going to do with it?

Tammie Hedges of Crazy’s Paws N Claws animal rescue has $40,000 to spend from a Go Fund Me fundraiser. What will happen?

Tammie Hedges has $40k to spend on non-existent legal fees
Tammie Hedges has $40k to spend on non-existent legal fees at present.
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I have just noticed that a couple of supporters of Tammie Hedges of Crazy’s Paws N Claws rescue – ESOR SAFARI from Trenton, NJ, and WENDY MAY from NC, – started a Go Fund Me fundraiser to pay for legal costs? I am not sure what the fundraiser was for. I had presumed that it was for legal fees but the Go Fund Me page does not mention legal fees. It’s an open-ended fundraiser.

Was the crisis used to raise funds?

It has raised a massive $40,741. The fund is now closed. What’s going to happen to it now the charges are dropped? It is unlikely that more will happen on the legal front so it can’t be used to pay for a fighting fund.

It is important that the money is dealt with wisely as it appears to have been raised for a Tammie Hedges fighting fund. I think Tammie should ask the donors how the money might be spent but only after it becomes absolutely clear that there will be no more legal proceedings of any sort.

I say that because the wording of the dropped charges statements appears to leave the door open to action from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board:

“It is my desire that having ensured the safety of the animals in question, a dismissal of these criminal charges will minimize further distraction from my core mission of protecting the public from violent crime and allow the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board to take whatever action they may deem appropriate.”

What do you think?

UPDATE: Here is Tammie’s statement on what will happen to the funds:

P.S. Crazy’s Claw’s N Paws is a 501c3 Nonprofit, no kill, foster, volunteer, & donation based animal shelter currently in foster homes serving Wayne, Johnston, Lenoir, & Wilson counties.

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3 thoughts on “Tammie Hedges’ fundraiser reached $40,741. What’s she going to do with it?”

  1. When you donate it is a gift. There appears to be no fraud in the asking for funds therefore I hope she chooses to use it for the cats she rescues. Probably should hold it in a separate bank account. BTW common sense said these charges would be dismissed.

    • $40,000 is a lot. It was raised as a fighting fund to deal with the charges. These people would not have donated or even heard of her but for the hurricane and the arrest. That’s something which should be taken into account when deciding how to spend the money.

      • Unless she does something selfish with it I’m not going to worry. Shes in cat rescue. Like I said it should be put in a separate account and the then accounted for when used. I believe she also has the option of letting the money go back to the donors though the gofundme. I never give unless I’m willing to part with the cash and let it go. I would be that several other cat rescues will find a way to make a stink since they didn’t get arrested and hauled off to jail and get donations for their rescue.


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