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Tattoo Cat Identification — 5 Comments

  1. In the U.S., tattooing is one of the means of identifying ownership and/or microchip information. I have not been in favor of this method of identification, as tattoos can deteriorate somewhat, due to growth or shrinkage of the skin, and the microchip is an all-in-one solution. One precaution: as the chip sometimes may travel from the original destination, it’s a good idea to ask your veterinarian to scan for it during the cat’s routine checkup. All of my eight cats are micro-chipped, which gives me a certain peace of mind, even though they are indoor-only cats.

  2. I’m in the UK and my rescue cat has numbers tattooed on the inside of her left ear. Obviously we have no history for her but I’d love to know the story behind it. All kinds of theories have been suggested – it’s from a breeder (vets thinks she’s a Burmese cross), she was marked as a stray, or even that she was used in some kind of lab test! It’s a permanent tattoo and was there before she was neutered.

    • Hi Viki, as stated in article, the tattoo should be an alternative way of identifying the cat’s owner just like a microchip does. I take it that your vet can’t help. But I would hope they can help you register the tattoo identification number with you as the cat’s owner so the previous owner is removed from any record (if there is a record still in existence).

      I can’t find a UK register or business doing tattoo IDs. This method appears to have gone out of fashion. Try doing some research on businesses who provided tattoo IDs in the UK – you have probably tried this already. Try contacting the rescue center where you adopted your cat. You have probably tried this too!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. hi, we have a cat at our property that has an ear tattoo. Just wanting to know if this can be done in new zealand or is it something that has happened to her in another country? Thank you

    • I am not sure but as it is done in Australia it seems plausible that it happens in New Zealand too. Also when importing a cat from abroad it has to be identified..

      Before you leave the UK a vet will need to implant a microchip into your pet (or arrange for a permanent tattoo) for identification purposes…Global Visas.com

      This cat has possibly been imported from Australia or some other country where ear tattooing is used to identify cats.

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