Tattooed Sphynx cat lept from car into the darkness to escape heavily tattooed owner

This is a cat story from central Russian, specifically the village of Pervomaisky near Yekaterinburg.

Demon and Kara Fight. Photos: east2west news

A man who goes by the name of ‘Kara Fight’ (real name Rustam Shafiev) is obsessed with tattoos. He’s tattooed all over his body.

He acquired a hairless cat and decided to tattoo him. His cat, Demon, has tattoos on his face, chest and back. The cat is described as a Sphynx but he is probably the Russian variant: the Don Sphynx. They are very similar.

Mr Fight (he seems to be obsessed with fighting too) was visiting the village of Pervomaisky near Yekaterinburg with Demon at night when the cat escaped from the car.

“He jumped out of the window, disappeared into the darkness and tall grass. I searched for it myself everywhere, I called for the cat, it was useless. I’m very worried. I’m not eating, not sleeping.”

He is taking copious amounts of sedatives he says to cope with the shock of losing his cat.

Being hairless it is less likely that he will survive. He is missing his coat, after all. In a way it is confirmation that the concept of hairless cats is foolhardy.

I am guessing but Mr Fight probably acquired Demon for the purpose of tattooing him due to his obsession with it.

He has been criticised for tattooing a hairless cat which is unsurprising. A Russian animal advocate, Elizaveta Skorynina, said it was cruel, which it is.

Demon and Kara Fight. Photo: east2west news

Tattooing is painful. And the cat cannot give consent to it. Was the cat sedated during the process? He almost certainly was. This carries a risk too.

The whole thing is ghastly and highly self-indulgent. It is sad for the cat.

I have used the word ‘escape’. But it seems that the cat was not abused other than being forced to undergoing tattoos which is an abuse of sufficient severity.

Source: Daily Mirror but they got it from the Daily Star.

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