Taylor Swift celebrates Benjamin Button’s 22nd birthday (human years)

Taylor Swift celebrates her cat Benjamin Button's 22nd birthday in human years
Taylor Swift celebrates her cat Benjamin Button’s 22nd birthday in human years. Screenshot.
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The last video on Taylor Swift’s TikTok page (May 13, 2022) is the one you see on this page in which she celebrates Benjamin button’s 22nd birthday in human years. If you work backwards using the classic formula which is not actually that accurate and assume that every cat year is seven human years, it makes Benjamin Button at the date of the video, three-years-of-age as it was uploaded on 27 December 2021. You may remember that he is a very attractive Ragdoll which Taylor Swift regards as her child! Taylor Swift is probably the most high-profile celebrity who loves cats. This is a great thing because I think she is in the very top bracket of followers on social media. I don’t think she has the most followers of any person on social media but she’s probably in the top five. This makes her a very big influencer of attitudes towards domestic cats. This in turn is a great responsibility for her. She can teach the world how to look after domestic cats. Although she has a tendency to regard her cats as children which is perfectly normal but you must always respect the cat as a cat. This ensures that you attend to their needs which are different to the needs of a human baby! I need not have said that but sometimes you have to remind yourself because I also tend to regard my cat as a slightly naughty teenage boy when actually he is a middle-aged man behaving like a normal cat.

It’s quite a nice video but not a great one but despite that it has received 11.6 million views. Pretty well everything that Taylor Swift touches turns to gold because of the enormous number of followers that she has.

Below are 10 more articles about Taylor Swift and her cats! Yes, 10 ?. She really does like cats. You may remember that she starred in the ill-fated film version of the Lloyd Webber stage play ‘Cats’. As I recall she composed a song with Andrew Lloyd Webber for that film. I think that the film was unfairly criticised.

Taylor Swift's Ragdoll cat Benjamin Button

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