Taylor Swift discusses cats with John Cleese

John Cleese and Taylor Swift
John Cleese and Taylor Swift
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Here is a video extract from the Graham Norton television show in which John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, discusses cats with Taylor Swift, the American celebrity, who cares for two cats one of which is a Scottish Fold judging from appearance. The cricketer Kevin Pietersen is also present. He also plays a role in the discussion. He is allergic to cats he says and does not like them. Pietersen has that typical approach of people who don’t understand domestic cats.

Graham Norton is a well-known personality in the UK and his late-night show, Graham Norton Show. He is popular and humorous. The show is a bit manic. He deliberately makes it like that 😉

Here is the video:

Cleese makes offensive remarks with the intention of being comical and interesting. I see that but one commentator on YouTube says this:

I’m not sure Taylor gets British humor? She was wildly offended.

I agree with that to a certain extent in that she does seem a bit confused. She understands that Cleese is trying to be funny and she does enjoy the banter I believe. She is not the dumb celebrity that some people make her out to be. We know she loves cats. For me that is a big recommendation 😉

When Cleese sees Ms Swift’s cat Olivia he asks:

“How did it have the accident?”

He was obliquely remarking on the flat ears of the Scottish Fold.


What is interesting is that Cleese appears to be the owner of a Maine Coon and a very large Maine Coon at that. I am guessing the breed but Cleese says his cat is American and the Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat. I think, also, you can just hear a reference to Maine Coon in the video. The image is poor quality but I see ear tufts (a Maine Coon trait).

Below is a screenshot of his cat being held by his younger wife. Cleese likes to be married even if it has cost him millions in alimony – £12 million poorer just to his 3rd wife. He is on his fourth wife…..He has to work to make the payments and he is in his 70s.

John Cleese's Maine Coon Cat
John Cleese’s Maine Coon cat being held by his 4th wife who is British.

21 thoughts on “Taylor Swift discusses cats with John Cleese”

  1. I watched this on YouTube, although it was on BBC-America a few days later and I get that she was caught off guard by his humor, but she did catch on. Did you notice how she moved further away from the cricket player as he said how allergic he was? Was that out of politeness? I think it was, but it looks as if she’s trying to get away from him and Cleese, always thinking on his feet, pretends to scoot over a little! Loved that. Funny stuff. Swift is just a kid, she’ll get over it and her cat does look a little funny.

    That Maine Coon is absolutely HUGE! I’m surprised his wife doesn’t collapse under the weight! 😉

    • get that she was caught off guard by his humor, but she did catch on

      I totally agree. John Cleese is smart and has a dry sense of humour which Taylor picked up on quite quickly. She’s not a dumb celebrity.

      I believe she moved away from Pieterson he cricketer in jest as a bit of fun in response to his dislike of cats (she has this wry smile on her face). It was amusing. She wanted to be amusing. And then Cleese moved over to the very edge of the sofa! I think he was just copying her. There was a lot of subtle fun going on.

      • You know, I think you’re right! She did have a smile on her face. It was just as much a play for the audience as a go at Cleese. Very funny scene. I saw it in the BBC America email newsletter the other day. It’s amazing how quickly something like this spreads around the world.


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