Taylor Swift explains how she ended up adopting her Ragdoll cat Benjamin Button

It is a snippet of a story on TikTok but it explains the moment when Taylor Swift decided to adopt a Ragdoll kitten that she named Benjamin Button. She fell in love with him ‘hook, line, and sinker’ on a music video set as we say in Britain.

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You probably know that she has three cat companions:

Benjamin as mentioned who recently featured on the cover of Time magazine on her shoulders as the mag voted her Person of the Year 2023 probably because of her enormous and overwhelming success as an entertainer. Everything she touches turns to gold as they say. Benjamin was ideal for the role in the photo-shoot as Ragdolls are bred to be passive. He appears to have behaved as Ragdolls are meant to in the photo session.

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She also lives with two Scottish folds named Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. This is where I lose my admiration for Ms Swift. Sorry Taylor but needs must. The Scottish Fold should not exist and you should not be promoting this breed just because you like their appearance. The breed is too problematic for inherent health reasons. All Scottish Folds even when heterozygous to the mutated gene causing the cartilage problems resulting in folded ears suffer from osteochondrodysplasia. Some associations don’t recognise the breed for this reason. One of those of the top British cat association: GCCF. The Netherlands are banning the breed and I expect it to be banned in Germany under their policy of disallowing ‘torture breeds‘ meaning cat breeds which are inherently unhealthy or which result in suffering. Another is the flat-faced Persian.

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To flesh out the video a bit: the Ragdoll kitten was on the set of a music video production which Taylor Swift is very good at. It was decided to hand her the kitten during the video. Ms Swift said she’d watch her video and remind herself that it was the time she met Benjamin and fell for him.

Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button as a kitten when Taylor first met him. Picture: Taylor’s Instagram account.

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