Taylor Swift insists her followers look at her Ragdoll cat on TikTok

It is an interesting, typically short, TikTok video in which Taylor Swift demands that we all look at her cat. She demands that we ‘look at it’. She loves cats but she made a mistake because she should have said ‘look at him’. That would have been a statement that resonates with the fact that Benjamin Button, the Ragdoll cat that she is referring to, is a sentient being.

It is a minor point though because it is a slip of the tongue. She’s crazy about cats which is great. I love celebrities who love cats as it is generally good for cat welfare. Although come to think about it she could do a bit better in promoting the idea that domestic cats are not the accoutrements of a high-profile celebrity but a sentient being and a companion. She has been photographed carrying one of her Scottish Folds under her arm as she raced out of a building. It looks a bit dangerous to me.

She could have said ‘look at him, look at Benjamin, look at my Ragdoll cat’. Something like that. I’ll script it for her next time! 🙂

Here is the TikTok video. It is liable to stop working enventually for a range of reasons, the most obvious of which is that it is deleted at source. If that has happened, I am sorry but I can’t control it.


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♬ Hey look at my cat – Elise Henry


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