Taylor Swift liked ‘Cat School’ so much she stayed for 4 months

Taylor Swift discussing her part in Cats the Movie
Taylor Swift discussing her part in Cats the Movie
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Taylor Swift is starring in ‘Cats the Movie‘ – the new upcoming 2019 British-American musical fantasy film. I guess you know that already. It’s going to be a smash hit and there will be Oscars. My prediction.

Anyway, the cast of this musical have to go to cat school to acquaint themselves with domestic cat behavior. It is a 3 day course apparently. Taylor Swift, as you probably also know, adores domestic cats and has three all of whom are celebrities in their own right I’d say (see some links below to more pages).

Well cat school is where Taylor Swift is completely at home and so she stayed for four months. They couldn’t keep her away from it. The interview below tells the story.


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