Taylor Swift: PLEASE put your cat in a carrier when walking around NYC!

Taylor Swift walks out of her apartment into NYC with her cat under her arm
Taylor Swift walks out of her apartment into NYC with her cat under her arm
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The words of the title are by Arnold Plotnick DVM on Twitter. On the face of it he is correct but if his tweet was based solely on the photo we see he may wrong… perhaps Taylor Swift was walking to a waiting car about ten paces away and in the car was a cat carrier ๐Ÿ˜‰ Perhaps also the area where she lives is very quiet and cat friendly. However…..

…this did catch my eye a while ago and I was not alone in being somewhat surprised at seeing a cat being carried out into New York City in this fashion supported by one arm. Although Olivia, her cat is adequately supported, the obvious reason why it is unsafe for Olivia is because she may, for whatever reason, jump off. Anything could cause that reaction. Jumping off at that point could lead to serious injury if cars are present, and worse.

Olivia could end up lost and bewildered. We never see someone walking outside in a big city with a cat like this unless they are a celebrity and the cameramen have been notified beforehand ๐Ÿ˜‰ – this is a publicity stunt at the expense of the domestic cat it seems to me.

Another thing I don’t like is that the reason why Miss Swift is carrying Olivia in this way is because it looks cool and it looks like she is treating her cat as an accessory. We, the cat lovers of the world, don’t like that because it hints at an incorrect relationship between cat and person. The true cat lover would be heaving around a cumbersome cat carrier which would be very unphotogenic, would it not? But it would be practical.

Taylor Swift is a well-known cat lover (great) and therefore in some ways she has an added responsibility to present to the world excellent cat caretaking because people – young girls perhaps – look up to her as a role model.

High profile cat lovers have the opportunity to promote the welfare of cats. This is very valuable. It does not take much effort for a person like Miss Swift to learn a bit about cat behavior, health and welfare and then think how she could promote the profile (the public image) of the domestic cat in the world and above all the welfare of this much loved companion animal.

Doing what she is doing in the public eye tends to achieve the opposite: it portrays the cat as an accessory for the celebrities. This reduces the cat to something like a handbag – not good.

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16 thoughts on “Taylor Swift: PLEASE put your cat in a carrier when walking around NYC!”

  1. It is irresponsible! Cats aren’t dogs and shouldn’t be treated as such. Come on everyone is kidding themselves! A cat carrier in the car? Of course she hasn’t! Why would she have a cat carrier in the car where there is no danger when she hasn’t got her in one on the street where there is a lot of danger?

    Whether that cat is mellow or not you can’t account for outside forces! An over zealous fan, a big dog, she could trip and fall and the cat would run in fright!

    The very least she could do is put the cat on a harness. I know this will sound harsh but she can’t love that cat because she isn’t keeping her safe.

    1. I agree. Anyway you wouldn’t walk out of an apartment in New York with you cat on your arm like that. It is just too dangerous. If the cat was startled by anything she’s jump off and run…chaos.

  2. I haven’t heard her music much, but I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift because of her love for cats. She was walking to a car. The question is, does she have a carrier in her car? The other question is the running away. I know her cat is VERY mellow and loves to be held, but what if a huge dog came running up. This is a bad idea. I think the cat needs to be on a leash.

      1. We are told she walks around NYC with Olivia like this! I find that strange. However, she has confirmed she is walking to a waiting car, which is what I suggested was happening but that does not tell what happens at the other end of the car journey.

          1. The article reads that it was 10 paces to her car where there was a carrier inside.
            I can only assume that was her destination.

              1. Correct.
                But, we also don’t know if she was exiting her own home to a waiting car 10 paces away or if she was in downtown NYC, a very scary place sometimes.

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