Taylor Swift’s cat Christmas cards

Taylor swift sending Christmas cards with her cats on them is the most Taylor Swift thing she’s done lately. The words are from another tweet. They are not mine but sort of interesting. It’s nice to be able to have the money to create your own customised cards featuring your cats. It is also interesting that Taylor Swift does not feature the cards on her Instagram pages. The pics are tweeted by Rose. I don’t know her.

Taylor Swift’s signature is as exotic as her lifestyle. It is an extraordinary contructed autograph. It seems that she has spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how it should look which is wise and sensible for someone is her position. She is very ambitious and controlled I sense. She is also very interested in the aesthetics of things. Everything in her life is aesthetically attractive, even beautiful and it has to be like that right down to her cats. Her cats are pretty gorgeous too. They adorn her home. She’d never adopt a mangy rescue cat from a shelter who needs a home. Perhaps I am being unfair as I think Taylor Swift is a decent person.

The fact that such a high profile celebrity as Taylor Swift loves domestic cats, and has three in her household, is very important in the cat world because she is a massive ‘influencer’ to use a new word in the English language. She influences millions of people through her behaviour. Her Instagram pages are followed by 141 million people. What she does is going to be followed by a percentage of those people, which is the point at which I’ve got to be a little bit critical of her because she’s adopted a Scottish Fold purebred cat which is not a great thing to do. The Germans call them ‘torture cats’.

Animal advocates would argue that this purebred cat should not exist because it is difficult to breed the animal without creating one with inherited physical abnormalities causing health problems. Far better to adopt a beautiful – she needs to adopt a beautiful cat – from an animal rescue shelter. That would send out the right message to young people who admire her.

I know Taylor Swift likes beautiful things. She needs to be surrounded by beauty and we can all understand that. She also needs to take incredibly seriously the influence that she has on young people and in this instance it concerns the adoption of domestic cats. In a better world they would all be adopted from rescue centres because all unwanted cats should be adopted first before people move into the purebred cat world where the animals are created, in effect, as products to be sold. There are many beautiful rescue cats. Better still, to see beauty in character rather than in physical appearance. If she had adopted the ugliest and least popular rescue cat it would be a talking point. It would be a PR coup and do wonderful things for unwanted rescue cats.

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