Taz the Reincarnated Cat

Taz the Reincarnated Cat

by Joyce Sammons
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Taz - The Only Picture I've Found of Her

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Taz - The Only Picture I've Found of Her

I’ll never forget the little white kitten who came to my mama’s to eat twice a day. She would be there first thing in the morning as I dressed for work then again at night shortly before dark.

I never knew if she belonged to anyone and named her Snowball. I never considered taking her inside. Just looking at her I could tell she was the outdoor type. Snowball had snow white fur and a patch of black on the top of her head. Other than that she was completely white.

I fed Snowball every morning before I began my routine. One morning she wasn’t there when I came outside. I had driven my car to mama's yard as it would be easier when I was ready for work. I always beat on my hood before starting the engine as I knew cats like the warmth they find in sleeping on an engine. When I parked at mama’s I banged on the hood again and went inside. Mama mentioned she hadn’t seen Snowball yet so I put the food out in hopes she would come.

I told mama goodbye as I did every morning and made sure I beat on the hood of the car one more time. I had just started the engine when I saw a blur of white fur go by me. I jumped out of the car and ran over to where Snowball had landed.

The engine fan hadn’t injured her but the force from being thrown to the ground killed her. She died within a minute. There was nothing I could do to help her. I still don’t understand why she didn’t come out from under the car. I made enough noise and even if she was deaf she would have felt the car move.

I still wasn’t over her death two months later. I got it into my head that I wanted a white kitten. Once something gets in my head it stays there. The first thing I did was go by my vets office. I almost didn’t stop there and turned into the parking lot at the very last second. I spoke with the receptionist and explained what had happened to Snowball. I asked her to please call me if anyone came in wanting to find a home for a white kitten.

I didn’t have time to reach my car before the receptionist came running out to catch me. A lady had just called about a stray white kitten she had found and wanted to find a home for. She lived less than a mile away and I had no trouble finding her house.

If you’re thinking she had a snow white kitten with a patch of black on her head you’ve guess right. I couldn’t believe my luck. Once again I’d been led and put in the right place at the right time. That happens a lot to me, even now. I thanked her for the kitten and took her home with me. I turned her into an indoor cat and she slept with me every night. Either wrapped around my neck or on top of my head. She was a bundle of energy and would literally fly around the house. I think she made it a game as to how fast she could run. Bouncing off the walls was the best way to describe her. I named her Tazmania after the Tazmanian Devil. Her nickname was Taz.

Eventually she decided she wanted to experience the outdoor life and there wasn’t much I could do to stop her. She would wait for the door open and slip by me. If I tried to go after her she would cross over into the next yard where I couldn’t go. It turns out she had found a new home three houses over.

Since she decided she wanted to live with them I decided to pay the family a visit. They admitted to feeding and taking care of her. Their kids had fallen in love with her and they were preparing to move to a house in the country. Taz had obviously found a better home and I let her stay with them. Sometimes it’s hurts to do what’s best for the cat.

Has anyone else had a reincarnated cat experience? This cat lady would love to know. I promise not to call you crazy.


Hi Joyce...
Thanks once again for sharing an interesting story. It is very much about the real world of the feral and abandoned cat. Very true and it provides an insight to this world.

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Taz the Reincarnated Cat

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Taz the Reincarnated Cat

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Jan 13, 2010 Why I Wrote This
by: Joyce Sammons

My cousin also had a reincarnated cat so we're not alone and we're not crazy.

Jan 13, 2010 reincarnation
by: kathy

How strange but you know I have a reincarnated cat. I have wrote about her many times on this site. I had a cat Midnight back in 2003. I found her in 1991 taped up in a box. I took her home and had her until 2003. I went through divorce and had to find homes for all my cats (all 12 of them). A close friend of mine and his wife took Midnight and 2 others. Three years ago in 2006 I finally got my Sh. together and visited my friend to find out about my cats. Only one was still alive, my Bengal Lia. Midnight died in a freak accident when a shelf fell on her. Well last year my sons cat 8-Ball died and I was living with him at the time. It was a very sad time for us. Well after a few weeks someone suggested that I try to get my old cat back. MY friends wife had died so I went and got Lia back. Last spring our landlord was working on a house that we intended to move into and I went over there one day to check on the progress. I looked in the back window and Midnight came up to me and actually put her paw up to me in greeting as if she knew me. I couldnt beleive my eyes!! I spoke to the landlord and found out she was a young cat and had 4 kittens at the time. I got to know her and when the kittens were gone the landlord just let her out to roam because she had become the neighborhood pet.
Well I got her fixed and all her shots through the Spay and Stay program. When we brought her home she just decided to stay with us. She doesnt care about going back outside and even my son agrees with me that her personality and everything is exactally like our old MIddie. She knew her name immediatly and just came in like she never left. Yes I believe God gave me back my MIdnight and my Lia. The two of them act as if they know each other and Middie boxes him sometimes just like she used to. Sure I believe in reincarnation and alot of other things too. K

Jan 10, 2010 Taz
by: Ruth

Joyce,what a sad story about Snowball,I can only imagine how awful you felt when she died.
Then you got your lovely Taz but lost her too, albeit in a nice way. But you did the right thing for her sake, I'm sure she was much happier and safer in the country enjoying her freedom.
I haven't known a cat reincarnated as a cat but a lady called Muriel, a friend of my late mothers, always used to say she wanted to come back as a male cat, to our house, because they had such a good life.
Bryan,a little abused kitten, came unexpectedly into our lives a few months after Muriel died even though we had 'no cat vacancies' and working out the day he was born took us back to the day Muriel died !!
He made straight for our mam and always sat on her lap.
Strange but true!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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